Passenger Safety

The state of North Carolina has continued to make improvements in safety equipment on school buses over the past several years. Studies have shown that school buses are the safest vehicles for transporting students to and from school each day. We have also found that as safe as the inside of school buses have become there are still danger zones around the outside of the bus. These danger zones present a serious problem for K-3 students due to their size and unpredictable actions. We feel that the best defense for preventing accidents in the danger zones is education. These educational programs should include the student, driver and the parent. For the reasons stated above Johnston County Schools obtained a Buster the Bus Grant from the Governors Safety Program. 


Buster the School Bus is an outstanding new tool for teaching the important lessons of school bus safety. Buster is a fully animated remote controlled robot. He moves, speaks, listens, plays audio cassette tapes, and activates his lights all by remote control. With his optional stop arm he has all the warning devices of a real bus. He can wink, blink, and move his eyes, and his warm smile presents a positive and friendly image to young and old alike.

Shaped like a real school bus, Buster is the ideal symbol for our program. He's just the right size for teaching children. He can communicate with them at their eye level, and when he moves he's not at all threatening.He's perfect for hugs and kisses from small friends. He's agile enough to maneuver easily in school classrooms and other restricted areas. With his headlights, taillights and flashing warning lights he is highly visible. Buster visits with over 5000 Johnston County school students each year.


STOP! It's the LAW

Passing a Stopped School Bus

Each year the Department of Public instruction sponsors a one day stop arm count. On this day school bus drivers are ask to count the number of stop arm violations they encounter even if they can not get enough information for the State Highway Patrol to investigate. Annually over2,500 violations are reported on this one day count state wide. When a vehicle passes a stopped school bus it puts the lives of children in danger. Johnston County Schools works very closely with the Highway Patrol to locate and charge driver's who pass a stopped school bus. Each year several drivers are convicted ofpassing a stopped school bus. This year Johnston County Schools secured a grant toequip approximately 93 school buses with stop arm cameras. This will help in the identification of vehicles that pass our school buses while students are loading or unloading. Passing a stopped school bus carries some of the most severe insurance and driver license penalties. So please stay alert and save a life. To find out more information on Stop Arm Violations and who must stop for a bus click on the following link.

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